F  A  Q


Which artwork is available?

Available artwork can be found on this site. Pieces can be under option. For exact prices and availability please contact my studio HERE.


Does the artwork have archival quality?

All artworks are made and finished with professional archival quality materials. Most used brands are Gamblin, Rembrandt, Old Holland, Liquitex, Golden, Talens Expert Amsterdam, R&F and Sennelier.


Can the artwork be transported worldwide?

All artworks are transported worldwide by a professional transport company. Artworks will be transported highly secured so there is a very limited risk of damage. All shipments are secured. A Certificate of Authenticity is attached to every artwork.


What are the shipping costs?

The average price for transporting a 100 x 100 cm (approximately 40 x 40 inches) artwork worldwide is 110 Euro’s. Custom and duty fees are applied to shipments at the discretion of each receiving country. These charges are beyond our control and are the responsibility of the consignee.


How long does it take for the artwork to arrive?:

All artworks will be shipped within 9 days after the purchase. The arrivaldate of the artwork depends on country and customs (and the globalo situation). A track and trace will provide you the option to follow the artwork.


What if the is any damage after delivery?:

The artwork is always transported in secure packages. From the moment the parcel is handed over to the transporter, the transport is responsible for shipping. When an artwork arrives in bad shape or disappears, in most cases the artwork is insured.


What are the prices of the artwork?:

The prices of all artwork are based on a fixed amount for studiocosts and a hour based salary. For more information you can always contact the studio.